Some verses of Bhittai in Roman Sindhi

Jeeha say teeha, moun maaroo manjnya
جيها جي تيها مون مارو مڃيا
I love my folks the way they are. ~ Shah Abdul Latif
- - - - -

Rozaa aein nimaazoo, ee pinn changno kam,
O ko bbiyo fahim, jahain saan pasijay preen khhy.

روزا ۽ نمازون اي پڻ چڱو ڪم
او ڪو ٻيو فهم جنهن سان پسجي پرين کي
Feelings and prayers are good acts but that
Which leads you to the Beloved is something else. ~ Shah Abdul Latif
- - - - -

bb = ٻ
nn = ڻ

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