"Alif" (ا) is the first letter of Sindhi alphabet and it is a base letter of Sindhi alphabet. Though in Sindhi there are no vowels but the alphabet of persio-Arabic Sindhi script is highly context sensitive. Many of the letters of Sindhi alphabet share a common base form diacritical marks and diacritical points place either above or below (for example: Zer, Zabar and peshu). The below letters and compound letters considered almost as vowels in Sindhi language and all of them are formed with the help of Alif (ا). 

آ، اَ، اِ، اِي، اُ، اي، اَي، او، اَو

In Indus Roman Sindhi, English alphabet's letter "A" stands for Alif (ا), "AA" stants for alif mand (آ) and alif zabar (اَ) and  ubho alif (vertical alif) ٰ.

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